Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama vs. McCain - The Rick Warren Interviews

Since this is my blog, I have the opportunity to share my thoughts on political events and can say whatever I please ;-) I apologize ahead of time if I offend anyone and feel free to share your own comments on your own blog if you don't agree with me ;-)

I mean no disrespect to Obama supporters, but I think McCain did a great job last weekend when he was interviewed by Rick Warren for Fox News. Typically, Obama is thought of as the one who gives great speeches, but when it came to answering tough questions, he really seemed to beat around the bush. He would ramble on and on without answering a question directly.

On the other hand, I felt like McCain answered the questions directly and without hesitation. I also agreed with most of his views and think that by far he would be a better president - even though we all know that the president really doesn't have that much power and is ruled basically by lobbyists and those in Congress.

I know many people don't agree with McCain's conservative view on marriage & abortion, but a precedent has to be set on what's right and wrong. We were having dinner with friends last night and one of them said, "If we don't set that precedent, what's going to stop me from going over to my neighbor's house and killing him because he didn't mow a straight line bordering his yard and mine?!" (I have that in quotes but I couldn't remember exactly what he said. That's just the gist of it!) I tend to agree. The law states killing is illegal, but why is it okay to kill a fetus? Rules or laws have to be set that establishes right from wrong. God originally set up marriage between one woman and one man and life begins at the point of conception. Those are facts. Period.

Since I like to keep my blogs short, I'll end my opinions here ;-) So how do you feel the interviews went?


Dawn said...

I think that people who were waivering with McCain now can feel good about voting for him. He was right on with his answers. He wasn't pausing to try and decide what the people want to hear. They were HIS answers. You could tell Obama was trying to think about what he SHOULD say. He stands for NOTHING. And, we all know the song... when you stand for nothing you can fall for anything.

6HappyHearts said...

I got the sense that Obama was trying to sell us on "him". Does that makes sense? He is so very smooth & does not seem "real" to me. I believe that Obama's appearance will bring him more votes.
McCain just speaks to me where I am in life right now more than Obama.

kellyl said...

I completely agree with your blog. John McCain speaks directly about the question and does not try to gather his thoughts about what he thinks people want to hear. McCain seems to speak from his heart and convictions versus Obama who says many words but leaves me still confused about what his answer is.

Angela said...

I thought the exact same thing. Just returned from spending some time today with my mom and the girls. I was just telling her about the interviews and how I thought Obama stuttered and said "Um" a lot b/c you could tell he was trying to come up with the answer he thought America wanted to hear. I too loved hearing McCain's answers, very straightforward yet well thought out. And I actually believe he cares about America and our people!

Sarah said...

I would have to agree with you too. Obama is a slick guy, reminds me of the serpent in the garden of Eden.