Friday, August 29, 2008

Grady Nichols concert

We went to Utica Square last night for the final night of their Summer Concert Series. We saw Grady Nichols, who is one of Steve's favorites - I like him, too, but Steve's more into jazz than I am. It was a nice night for an outdoor concert & we look forward to going again next summer!

Our "usual" spot - right in front of Starbucks ;-)

It's safe to say the girls aren't into jazz. Toby Mac is more along their line of music. Here they are trying not to be bored so they decided to put their chair covers on their heads. Good thing some of their friends showed up later that night ;-)

Making a new friend. "A" really wanted to take him home. Please, Daddy, can we have one?!

One of the many penguins at Utica Square - of course, they chose the pink one to have their picture taken with.

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MelissaC said...

Looks like you guys had a fun night. Love the pics with the pink penguin!

Did you know that was me in Jen Pinkerton's yard tonight? They were having a second birthday party for Kyra and we were checking out the new sandbox. :)