Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flashback Friday

These pics are too funny. They were taken at my 9th birthday party which was a skating/sleepover party. Oh to be young again! And check out that red jumpsuit - that's some major fashion goin' on ;-)


Fawn said...

That looks like it was fun. How neat you have all those pictures. Moms didn't take pics back then like we do today.

MelissaC said...

How cute! Looks like a avery fun birthday party!

Dawn said...

I think I may have had a skating party for my 9th as well. LOL But, no pictures to show. Fawn is right. Most moms just didn't take many pictures back them. The ones we do have are from Christmas'.

I have a slumber party picture somewhere. I'd have to hunt for it.

I think I had a top like the girl with the striped one. I could have only WISHED to have had that cool jumpsuit!:)

Michelle said...

You were totally styling! lol
I loved to go rollerskating when I was a kid.
Looks like you guys had fun!

6HappyHearts said...

Your peeps were HOT ; )
Love the skating pics very vintage.

christy said...

Okay 6 happy hearts - what's up with the "vintage" comments?! Are you saying I'm old or something?! Those are fightin' words, you know?! :-)