Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Needtobreathe in concert

Last night, we went to a great concert at The King of Clubs in Claremore - believe it or not. We saw Needtobreathe along with Starboard Journey and Arliss Moon. King of Clubs is kind of a cool, little hole-in-the-wall club built in an old building in downtown Claremore. It was mostly standing room only, but they had a balcony for us "old" folks who wanted to just sit and hang ;-) We enjoyed listening to Arliss Moon, too - they are a young band out of Tulsa but I can see them making it big someday so be watching. Needtobreathe was awesome - they totally jammed out. Bear Rinehart does the lead vocals and he has an amazing voice.

We always crack up at concerts when at the very end the band leaves the stage "pretending" it's their last song then they come back for the encore. Is it an ego thing for the band or is it really supposed to be just one more song for the audience? Anyway, when Needtobreathe came back for their encore, they had everyone come join them close to the stage - even us "old" folks in the balcony. They asked us to help them sing "Washed By The Water" accoustic style. It really did sound cool & was a good ending to a great night.

(This is Needtobreathe's video for "Washed By The Water". Before watching it, be sure to turn off the music by scrolling to the bottom of this page.)

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