Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bowling Bowling Bowling

Our homeschool co-op recently took a field trip to the bowling alley in our town. They took us "back scenes" to see how they ran their operation then the kids got to bowl a few games....


We're an exciting bunch ;-)

Then a few nights later, we had Mom's Night Out bowling night which was great fun. We were in a goofy mood so we decided it would be fun to play "Funky Bowling" where we each had to choose a silly way to bowl. Some of the "fancy" moves we attempted were...

Bowl with your opposite hand


Backwards and between your legs

Spin around 5 times then roll

Oh. My. Word. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Moms can have fun, too, right?! ;-)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Missions in Uganda

I just finished teaching a "Missions in Uganda" class for students 6th grade and up for our homeschool co-op. Each week we learned about Uganda or a different orphan care ministry in Uganda. I thought I'd do a run-down here of what we've learned about each week - especially for those who missed a class and would like to catch up on what we studied...


* Watch and discuss "Helping Without Hurting: Reconsidering the Meaning of Poverty" with your family at home...

* Read "Kisses From Katie" and be prepared to discuss on the last class session

* Come up with a fundraising idea for a ministry or organization that you are passionate about

WEEKS 1 and 2:

We watched a documentary called "Moving On". I love this video about a couple from the U.S. that adopted from Uganda. They also started a non-profit organization called "Light Gives Heat" where they partner with local Artisans to create consistent incomes where there once was none. Their website says, "Through our Brands SUUBI and EPOH, our In-Country Staff create long-term partnerships with Artisans to create beautiful handmade products that will soon grace the shoulders, necks, and wrists of fashion conscious consumers in America and beyond. In America LGH is committed to not only offering beautiful products and a way for people to support our Artisans in Africa, but LGH is also committed to creating experiences that call all of us to look outside ourselves, to find Beauty in the Risk, and to pursue big, beautiful, crazy dreams."

The following is the trailer for the video but the last time I checked, you could watch the video in it's entirety here.



This class session was spent learning about Uganda. We learned about it's location and culture by watching this video...

and we put together a lapbook about Uganda...


This session we learned about a non-profit organization called Arise and Shine Uganda. The director's name is Sharon Nyanjura and she has done so many great things for the Jinja area...

 After we discussed AASU, we had a very special guest (and also a friend of mine) come and show the girls how to roll paper beads like they do in UG.

We watched this video from Bead for Life that shows how to roll beads:


and we reviewed this handout that shows how they cut the paper in preparation for rolling the beads.
It was so much fun!


This session we learned about Project Hope Worldwide, a non-profit organization based out of Owasso, Oklahoma that has built an orphanage and school in Lira, Uganda. I have volunteered for PHW for about four years now and I am also their current blogger so it holds a special place in my heart ;-)

We reviewed these fact sheets for PHW...

And we watched these videos about the work they do in UG...


This session was spent learning about Amazima Ministries. Their website says, "Amazima Ministries was founded by 19 year-old Katie Davis in 2008. The organization, based out of Brentwood, TN, feeds, educates, and encourages orphaned and vulnerable children and the poor in the country of Uganda. In the Lugandan language, Amazima (uh-mahz-i-muh) means "truth." Amazima desires to reveal the truth of God's unconditional love through Jesus Christ to the Ugandan people."

We reviewed this info sheet...

Read these Katie Davis quotes...

"Jesus wrecked my life, shattered it to pieces, and put it back together more beautifully"

"They knew their circumstances were due to the brokenness of this world and they simply praised Jesus for keeping them alive through it all."

"I believe anyone can be a missionary right where they are."

"When we stop to be kind when we don't really want to, that's when the sacrifice becomes most rewarding."

"Do not forget in the darkness what you have been promised in the light."

Watched these videos...

and we discussed her book, "Kisses From Katie"...

1) In the first few chapters, we see that Katie felt compelled to go to Uganda. When is the last time you felt compelled by God to do something?

2) Pg 32 - "God did not make too many people and not enough resources to go around. Because we were living in His world, there had to be a solution." What are the implications of this statement and how Katie challenges our standard of living?

3) In chapter 6, Katie tells us about Brenda. Why do you think she included this story in the book? Did it end differently than you expected?

4) In chapter 10, Katie comes back to the US for college. Talk about the difficulty Katie must have experienced between trying to balance her promise to her parents to attend college and leaving her children in Uganda for an extended period of time.

5) pg 132 - "I was learning that the powerless, broken, dependent place was actually the place where the Lord was closest to me." What a true statement. What sometimes gets in the way of our dependence on God? (pride, busyness, entertainment...)

6) What spiritual gifts do you see in Katie's life? What parts of the Fruit of the Spirit can we see manifested as we read?

7) In chapter 15, Katie and her family reach out to the Karimojong people. How is this experience with a different culture alike and different from Katie's initial entrance into Uganda? What experiences have you had befriending someone of a different culture? (This does not have to be out of the country, just like Katie there are different cultures in our city, schools and on our street)

8) pg 229 - "She wanted to live in both worlds, but it was becoming impossible. Her eyes were opened and her life was changed. She couldn't pretend to be the same person. She couldn't sit still in his world anymore; it made her head spin and her heart ache." What does Katie mean by saying she can't live in "both worlds"? Why do you think it was hard for Katie to let him go?

9) Were there any parts of the book that bothered you? If so, why? (what if you were the mother of a teenage girl, or a college student struggling w/ a call to missions...)

10) Katie says, "Jesus wrecked my life, shattered it to pieces, and put it back together more beautifully" What do you think it looks like to have your life wrecked by Jesus?

11) Discuss the role of adoption in "Kisses from Katie". What parallels can we see between her family in Uganda and ourselves as members adopted into the family of God? What does the Bible say about adoption?

12) How has reading this book helped you be more open to the idea that God's plans can be far bigger and maybe even far different than the plan we have for ourselves? Does that excite you or scare you? 

(We have the audio version of this book and my girls love to listen to it at bedtime.)

Katie is an amazing young woman that has been used in big ways by God - what an incredible testimony her life tells!

I've had a wonderful time teaching this class and love the kid's hearts for being passionate about what God is passionate about.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Marcel the Shell

For my girls because they think Marcel is hilarious...


Special thanks to Aunt Nicole for contributing to our delinquency ;-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Our 10 year-old, Abby, actually asked Jesus to live in her heart back when she was 6 years old...

She recently decided she wanted to get baptized to show the world she loves Jesus so she attended a baptism class at our church. Fourteen children went through the class and decided to get baptized so we had a special baptism service this past Sunday. It was especially special for us because Steve baptized Abby...


Photo by Kendra Franklin

Photo by Kendra Franklin

Photo by Kendra Franklin

Photo by Kendra Franklin

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Photo by Kendra Franklin

Our church held a luncheon afterwards for the kids that got baptized and their families...

The kids received baptism certificates...

They also received a nice, leather bound Bible with their name engraved on it and a book called "The Tanglewood's Secret" - an awesome book out the Lord being our Shepherd. I highly recommend this book for tweens and teens. It's one of our favorites!

And she opened a few special gifts after we got home...

And I just had to add these pics Abby painted after she was baptized...

Jesus baptized by John

Abby baptized by her daddy ;-)

What a special day that we'll always treasure!