Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness in One Post

In no particular order after #5 ;-)

#1 - Jesus loves me this I know

#2 - My husband, Steve, whom I'm still crazy in
love with after almost 20 years of marriage

#3 - My girls - the two best gifts God has ever given me

#4 - My family I was born into

#5 - The family I married into

#6 - Our homeschool co-op

#7 - My favorite Mexican restaurant

#8 - The opportunity to go to a third world country

#9 - Good health and the opportunity to work out with friends

#10 - Movies worth seeing

#11 - Craft night with friends

#12 - U2 - yes, I STILL love them

#13 - Chai tea with pumpkin spice @ Starbucks

#14 - God's creativity expressed in nature

#15 - Organizations making positive change

#16 - Kids making a difference

#17 - Companies that give back
#19 - The imagination of a child

#20 - Pastors, like Mark Driscoll, that tell it how it is
and don't try to "cheeze up" the Gospel message 

#21 - Positive influences for my girls, like Beckah Shae

#22 - The blessing of vacations

#23 - My grandparents - the two most influential
people in my life. I miss them so much and look
forward to being with them again someday.

#24 - The opportunity to "school" my girls at home and learn together

#25 - The happy memories of my childhood

#26 - The promise that God is in control

#27 - The gift of life and making every day count

#28 - Pinterest. My newest blessing - I mean, addiction

#30 - Date night with my man ♥


mommaren said...

How can I find you on Pinterest? I'd love to see your boards!

christy said...

Thanks, mommaren ;-)

You can find me here:

I'm fairly new to pinterest so I don't have a lot posted yet. How can I find you, too? ;-)

mommaren said...

See you found me instead! Thanks! I just started as well. I could waste many hours. We used to be a part of Tulsa Area Homeschoolers, where I saw your website link in a post and have been following for a year or more. Always enjoy! We now are public school :(