Sunday, February 1, 2009

When Wallflowers Dance

I just got back from going on a Women's Retreat with our church at Sky Ranch in Miami, Oklahoma. The campgrounds had great facilities including...

dorm rooms,

a cafeteria that served awesome food (I'm going to have to go on a major diet next week!) and a chapel where we had our meeting sessions.
Our study was a DVD series, called "When Wallflowers Dance", by Angela Thomas. She talked a lot about the choices we make in life and how we can get to know God better. Her four main points were:

1. Choose God more than anything
2. Choose to stop the chaos in your life so God can do what He needs to do
3. Choose to remain in community
4. Choose to restore order to your house and your body

We also had quite a bit of free time to play ;-) Believe it or not,

I did skeet shooting

and the zip line!

The zip line is probably the scariest thing I have EVER done but it was so fun! We also found out it is the longest one in all of the USA!

Here's some more pics from the Retreat...
Jen skeet shooting

Katie skeet shooting
On our way to the zip line

Jen on the zip line

Video of Jen and Martha going down the zip line

Wagon ride back to the dorms after doing the zip line (do we look a little uptight?!)

Levon doing a Hawiian dance
Video of Levon dancing

Katie, Jen, Martha, Amy and me ;-)


RunTX said...

cool blog. Looking forward to you visiting my blog and becoming a follower as I will follow this one too.

Melanie said...

Looks like fun, Christy! Scott and I went on a zip line tour of the rain forest in Jamaica a few years ago. It was incredible! Stepping off that first platform was the hardest.