Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Mom & Dad ;-)

Last Saturday was Valentine's Day. The girls warned Steve & I the night before to sleep in because they wanted to prepare something special the next morning. They let us sleep until the late, late hour of 7:20 in the morning and asked us to come into the living room. They had decorated the coffee table with flowers, Valentines, presents, candy and a "delicious" breakfast. It was very, very sweet. I'm not quite sure how long my Grape Nuts had been sitting in milk but you can imagine their texture ;-) The girls have also seen me put something white on my cereal and assumed it was salt. Now you can imagine how "wonderful" it tasted ;-) It's the thought that counts, right?!

Here's a picture of the party favors "A" passed out when we were done eating ;-)
We didn't even want to attempt to eat out that night & fight the crowds so we decided to eat a "fancy" family dinner in. This is PITIFUL but after almost 17 years of marriage, I have never used my fine china! It has been sitting pretty on a shelf for years so I thought what a better time than now to use it! Of course, I had to wash the inch-thick dust off the dishes, but it was well worth it. The girls had a good time setting the table and helping prepare the steak and baked potato dinner. We also had a heart-shaped brownie for dessert. Afterwards, we watched "Wallie" - such a cute movie and a fun love story to watch for Valentine's Day!
Here's a few pics from our fun night...

We are blessed to have such sweet and thoughtful girls.


Melanie said...

That is SO sweet, Christy! Your girls are angels!

I'm laughing at Abby's party favors. They look just like things Anna Claire gives us. At Christmas, she gave Scott a gift bag filled with "stuff" she had found lying around the old Christmas ornament, a bouncy ball, a quarter or two and an old piece of candy.

Your dinner looks yummy!

Robin said...

Oh my, love the breakfast! Bet you had a good face for your first bite, ha ha. They did so much for you, how sweet!! We celebrated Valentine's on Thursday night because of the fear of Sat. night crowds!

Five Freddys said...

soggy grape nuts with salt! We should put you on Fear Factor - you'll eat anything! Ha!