Friday, October 28, 2011

Kids Helping Kids in Uganda

For the past month our homeschool co-op has been participating in a campaign called "Change for Change". The kids raised money which was to be donated to Project Hope Worldwide, a non-profit organization that has built an orphanage in Lira, Uganda. We gathered today to collect everyone's money. It was so neat to hear the stories of the different ways the kids gathered their change...

* One teenager donated a large portion of the monies she has made recently from babysitting,

* Two sisters have been making beaded bracelets and selling them,

* One boy had his change jar out at a garage sale,

* One family walked around their neighborhood asking for donations,

* One little boy said his mommy just went to the bank and asked for some money ;-)

Here's a video the kids watched this morning that showed them who they were helping take care of...

And this is a video of the kids above before living at Calo Me Lare...

I took those photos when I went on my trip to Uganda last December. It's so neat to see them now living in a nice, clean home with lots of new brothers and sisters. Today they have new clothes to wear, healthy food to eat, a school to attend where they get the best Classical Christian education possible, and most of all they are loved on by the house moms and administrators and are learning of God's love daily.

All the kids were so excited to help the precious, innocent children half a world away. And I am excited to announce how much they raised! Drumroll please....


Wowsers! That's a lot of money and will help the orphans so much! I'm so proud of those kids and all of their hard efforts!

If your homeschool co-op, Scout troop, Mom's Club, youth ministry, sports team, or any other club or ministry is interested in participating in the Change for Change campaign, please e-mail Kelley Compton at


Margo said...

Awesome!!!!! Great job to all these amazing kids!

Anonymous said...

So proud of these kids! Awesome job everyone. God is glorified!