Saturday, January 17, 2009

Geography Fair to benefit family adopting Russian orphans

We attended a Geography Fair tonight and got to visit about 10 different countries! The proceeds went to the Duncan family who are raising funds to adopt 2 children from Russia. The girls were given passports that they got stamped at each country. The families that presented the countries at the Fair did a fabulous job! They wrote interesting facts about each country and we got to sample some delicious food that you would easily find if you were to visit that country. I think the egg rolls from Japan were our favorite although the sweet cookies from Australia were very yummy, too ;-)

Visiting Thailand and eating egg rolls

Visiting England and eating scones

Visiting Australia & eating lamb
Many of the Russian Orphans came to the event tonight. This is a picture of them speaking with the interpreter.

We got the privilege of hearing them sing traditional songs from Russia.

We really grew fond of the two girls from Russia. I wish I could take them home with me ;-)

I thought it was so sweet that they were holding hands. They seemed to be really close - almost like a big sis and little sis. The girl in the white sweater sang a precious song by herself. After she sang, we were able to meet her and we tried in the best way we knew how to tell her she sang beautifully. I gave her the "thumbs up" and "M" clapped her hands but she still looked at us a little confused. She went and asked the interpreter what we were trying to say and when the interpreter told her that we said she sang beautifully, she gave the biggest grin ever ;-)

The interpreter said the children have had a wonderful time in America and many even felt like "they got their childhood back". They start their two day journey home to Russia in the morning. I'm so glad I had the privilege of meeting them and I pray that God will place them in loving homes soon.

For more information about adopting one of these precious angels from Russia, please visit the Tulsa Lighthouse Project's website at .

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