Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Presidential Inauguration

Even though the person I voted for President didn't win, I still want to be supportive of our new President and I pray that he is able to help bring some positive change to America. Since his inauguration is tomorrow, the girls are learning about President-Elect Barack Obama and the inauguration process with our homeschooling for a few days. I found a great website that has lots of information about him and what will be going on tomorrow. It also has info about previous presidents, their views and inaugural speeches. Can you answer the following questions?

Inauguration, 2009
In America’s capital, ________________________, on ______________, President-Elect _______________________ will become the ________ president of the United States. His Inauguration will be an historic event. He will be the first ________________________ to become president of the United States.
President-Elect ____________________ announced his candidacy on the Old Historic State House steps in Springfield, _________________________. It was in that very building that President _______________________ delivered his famous “House Divided” speech. He, too, was running for President of the United States at the time. The stones that were used to build this court house were laid by ___________________ .
As a United States __________________ from the state of __________________, President-Elect __________________________________ has just over three years of experience as a United States Senator. He is __________ years old and graduated from ________________ University in 1991. He was president of an important publication as a student called the _________________. He is the first _________________ to have held that position.

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Becki Francy said...

You do not know me, but I applaud you supporting the man who won, even though you did not vote for him. We should give him an opportunity to prove himself. I also applaud you for teaching your children the same values.