Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ceiling Tile Bulletin Boards

The nursery I recently painted with the camping theme has been put together and now they just have to wait for the baby - less than 6 weeks away! I love how they added a walking stick for the curtain rod & they hung a real lantern for some low light in the room. Too fun! Hopefully, the soon-to-be mom doesn't mind me posting pictures that I "stole" from her blog ;-)

The bulletin board I painted in this picture is actually a ceiling tile that you can pick up at most home improvement stores. I just painted it with acrylics and hot glued ribbon on the outside edge. I also like to hot glue cute, but small, items to thumbtacks so the user can display photos, important notes, artwork, etc. For this bulletin board, I actually hot glued small bumble bees to thumbtacks, trying to keep with the outdoor theme.
Here's a few more bulletin boards I've painted in the past...

Now, get out & head to your local home improvement store & buy yourself a ceiling tile! Turn it into a beautiful work of art for a friend, or better yet, keep it for yourself! You can do it!!!

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6HappyHearts said...

Awesome work!!
When are you taking orders?!?