Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Secrets to keeping the pounds off during the holidays

My friend, Brandi Simons, was recently featured on Channel 2 News for loosing weight successfully and for keeping it off. I am so proud of her and anyone that can loose weight & not gain it back! I know I've always struggled with it which probably explains my excessive compulsive behavior to exercise daily! Listed below are some of Brandi's great tips on how to control what you eat during the holidays (posted on KJRH's website). Yea Brandi!!!

Brandi, before loosing weight

Brandi, after loosing 46 pounds

To read the news story in it's entirety, click here.

"We try not to center the whole day around food anymore like we used to," said Brandi Simons. The Owasso mother of two heads into holidays with a plan of attack. Heading into her third "slim and trim" holiday season, she wants to arm herself against the 46 pounds she used to carry around. Brandi credits Weight Watchers for her healthy holiday strategies.

Secret #1: healthy snacks. Instead of chips... her kids dive into veggies such as edamame, boiled and salted soy bean pods. "I love it!" shouted Brandi's daughter Sara, 3. Sonnie, 5, also loves the green treat.

Secret #2: Skinny down favorite meals. Brandi has learned to change such family favorites as macaroni and cheese, into lower fat, lower calorie dishes. She suggests trying Weight Watcher's recipes.

Secret #3: Eat what you want but control the portions. Brandi suggests a careful arrangement of food on the dinner plate. "One of the ways I do that is I don't let anything touch on my plate. That really helps me keep my portions stay in check."

Secret #4: Measure your servings. Instead of standard measuring cups, Brandi prefers using Weight Watchers utensils which are pre-measured at the dinner table.

Secret #5: Make sure the calories count. "There have been times when I put something in my mouth and I just decide it's not worth it," Brandi told 2News, "and I will literally spit it out in a napkin and throw it away."


6HappyHearts said...

Brandi is my hero ; )
I didn't eat Pecan Pie at Thanksgiving. Not sure I can abstain on Christmas?! I'm going to weigh at the Y on Monday...aaahhhh!

Leslie said...

That is so cool!! Brandi is an inspiration....I hope to make it a few days next week but it will be tough with my parents here - ugh. I just got started again.