Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh To Be Thankful For God's Little Blessings

As some of my close friends and family know, I have been battling some health issues for the past few months. In a strange way, keeping up this blog has been healing for me - I suppose because it takes my mind off of not feeling well and I can escape for a little while, even if it takes me a few hours just to do one posting sometimes. Anyway, this posting isn't a sob story about me being sick, but it's a reminder to myself to be thankful for God's little blessings in life.

A few weeks ago, I wasn't feeling well and I probably had gone too long without going to see the doctor. I finally went but spent a good 2 hours at the doctors office. I then had to go get my prescription filled at Wal-Mart which took another 1 1/2 hours. During this time, I tried to do a little shopping and avoid anyone I might know because I looked so bad. Of course I ran into everyone under the sun that I know that day. One lady even told me, "Yeah, you don't look so good." "Thanks for that little reminder," I told myself ;-)

Anyway, I was experiencing a lot of pain and just wanted to get home. It was cold and drizzly out and as I was walking my shopping cart to my car to unload the groceries, I said a little prayer, "God, I just want to get home. Please send someone to take my cart for me." But just as I was saying that prayer, in the back of my mind I was thinking, "Now why in the world would anyone do that for me? No one ever has ever done that before and they probably aren't going to start today." Needless to say, as I looked up, a little old man wearing a Santa hat followed me to my car and asked, "May I take your cart for you, mam?" I just about kissed that man, fell over and died right there in the parking lot! Oh me of little faith! I don't know if he worked for Wal-Mart (I didn't recognize him as a worker) or maybe he was just a customer doing a kind deed. But I was definitely reminded that day to be thankful for God's little blessings and He reminded me that I need to be a blessing to others, as well.


Kristal said...

We all need that reminder. And rest assured, you are a huge blessing to those around you!!

4 Lettre Words said...

What a great story!

Prayers to you for a healthy 2009!!

6HappyHearts said...

I just loved this story! God loves you soo much, He's in the details : )
I'm praying & believing for a healthy, prosperous new year!!