Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Special Night

The girls and I finished reading a book called, "Heaven for Kids" by Randy Alcorn during our devotional time tonight. The last chapter of the book basically tells it's readers how to become a Christian. After we finished reading, both girls said they wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts. I reminded them they did that several years ago but they both said they were "younger" then and now they were old enough to really understand what they were doing.

I felt bad because Steve wasn't home to see it - but I couldn't exactly tell them, "No - sorry. This isn't a good time!" Without my prompting, they both got down on their knees and said their own individual prayers. "M" told Jesus she wanted him to be her Savior and she wants to get to know him more and more everyday. She went on to say a very sweet prayer asking God to forgive her of her sins and told Jesus she wants to be with him in heaven someday. "A's" prayers, on the other hand, have gotten rather lengthy lately ;-) After about 5 minutes of thanking God for the nice weather we had today, for her friends and family and toys, etc. she, too, asked Jesus into her heart. She ended her prayer with, "I love you Jesus so so so so so so so much!"

When they were finished praying, they said, "Now it's your turn, Mommy!" So I just said a little prayer that went something like this..."Thank you, Jesus, for placing "M" and "A" into our lives. They are such a blessing to us. I'm so glad they have made the decision to follow You and that they asked you to come live in their hearts. Please wrap your arms around them and assure them that you love them and will always be with them. I pray that they grow up to fear, love and respect You. And I also pray that they know that their parents love them so much. Let them know they can always come to us if they have any questions or concerns. Thank you for our sweet family. In Jesus name, Amen."

When I finished praying, to my surprise, both girls were crying and gave me a big tackle-me-to-the-floor hug. It was a special night ;-)


Anonymous said...

i'm precious! thank God for blogs so you can share this memorable experience! blessings!

Steph said...

i love that. how awesome. it is so neat to see God at work in your two precious girls. you and your hubby are doing an awesome job raising them. i am back in the game with blogging. will see how it goes. see you sunday