Saturday, October 4, 2008

Date Night with Mommy and Daddy

After "A" was born, Steve and I tried to make sure that we still spent special time alone with "M". Well, as the years have gone by, our schedules have become much busier and we have recently realized we don't really spend enough alone time with the girls. So we've decided once a month, we are going to have a "date night" where Steve and I take the girls out individually then we'll switch "dates" the next month and continue on a rotational basis.

So we started this last night and had a great time! Here's a picture of the girls getting ready for their dates. They raided my make-up drawer and put on their own make-up. Normally, I'm not a fan of little girls wearing make-up in public but this was a special night and they were having so much fun getting ready. They picked out their own outfits, did their own make-up, fixed their own hair and painted their own nails.

So Steve's date was "M" and "A" was my date. We let the girls choose where they wanted to go as long as it was in town because we didn't have enough time to drive to Tulsa. Steve and "M" decided to go to Cici's Pizza. After dinner, they went shopping and surprised "A" with a new Polly Pocket.

"A" and I went to El Tequilla. Unfortunately, I only have pics of our night out since I had the camera. As we walked into the restaurant, "A" said, "Mommy, we look sooo glamorous! Glamorous is a fancy word for beautiful!" (As Fancy Nancy likes to say!) After dinner, she wanted to go shopping at Claire's and Wal-Mart.

(Notice the pink dress-up shoes "A" is wearing! And yes, I let her go out like this in public! Needless to say, she got lots of grins!)

We had a fabulous time and am looking forward to switching dates next month. Maybe Steve and I can talk the girls into paying and taking us shopping ;-)


Dawn said...

Fun times! :)

Sarah said...

How fun! We ran into Steve and M at Wal-Mart, she looked like she was having a blast with her daddy!

pennythequeen/queeniep said...

How funny to come across your blog. The girls are getting so big and cuuuute! Glad you are homeschooling.

Nicolle said...

That is so nice and such a wonderful memory for your girls.

Michelle said...

oh, how fun! and what a wonderful idea.
Your girls are beautiful! Love the way they got all dressed up for their dates.

Michelle said...

I can't remember how I came across your blog! Anyway, I was looking over your sidebar (being nosey) and noticed that you homeschool. We are homescoolers as well. I always love it when I run across blogs of homeschool moms!

Shabbee Chick said...

Darling! And your countdown to Christmas is stressing me out. I'm off to go shop right now. Just kidding.