Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kid U

Our church started a new program on Wednesday nights that turned out to be really fantastic! They called it "Kid U" (a.k.a., Kid University) and the kids got to choose a class that they wanted to take for 7 weeks. Their options were soccer, piano/keyboarding, outdoor adventure, art and flag football. We just completed the 7th week and the kids really had a blast! They made new friends, learned a new skill and were taught a Bible lesson, as well. Each night, the session ended with Large Group time where the kids all came together and sang praise songs and were taught a reinforcing Bible lesson from what they learned earlier that night. We take a break next week for Fall Break then start back the following week with a new 7-week session and 5 new classes to choose from. The girls can't wait!

"A" loved learning keyboarding basics from Miss Jessica

"M" had fun trying out soccer for the first time

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Anonymous said...

i remember when "A" was so teensy tinsy and had a burn from fourth of july. i remember you telling me all about one time and how i felt so so sorry for her and she was such a petite little thing...and now look at her all big!!! so cute!