Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Altered Clipboards

The moms from our Homeschool Co-Op got together last night and had a craft night get-together. We had a great time creating "pretties", eating & chatting. Some of us made these cute little "altered clipboards". I think they've been out for a while now but living in Oklahoma - you know how it takes a while for trends to finally arrive here! These are two that I made and I plan on making lots more! A shop in our town is currently selling these for about $18, but you can make them for about $4. They're really very simple and fun to make. Here's a few websites with instructions of how to make them & they give fun ideas on how to decorate them, too. Try it yourself! You'll be hooked!

Creating Altered Clipboards

Creating Altered Clipboards using Stamps

Making Altered Clipboards with Scrapbooking Printables

Creating Mini Altered Clipboards

Altered Clipboards by Get Inked

Gallery of Altered Clipboards


Dawn said...

I'm pretty sure it's my friend who makes those that are at the new store.

They're really cute. :)

christy said...

The clipboards at Classroom Corner are so cute & I think they are very reasonably priced. There's another store in town that sells them for much higher but they are very cute too. Not sure if the same gal makes them at both stores or not.

Dawn said...

You remember Coettta from Freedom? It's her daughter. :) I don't know about the other store though.

They are really neat.

Five Freddys said...

Love, love, love this idea! I'm obviously a very not-trendy okie because I've never seen these. I will be making them though - How cute!

Steph said...

wow those are cute. looks like you guys had a fun productive time. way to go.

kenziekylanmom said...

They are so fun and super easy to make! Your are adorable!! Great job.