Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Favorite Family Devotionals...

I was recently talking with a friend of mine and we were sharing with each other how important we feel daily family devotionals are. There are so many benefits to having this special time together...

It helps families learn to solve problems together

You spend good, quality time together talking which grows you closer as a family and helps you feel more connected

It helps your family grow spiritually together

It helps your children learn that family and spiritual growth are very important in life

It provides a time to talk about difficult situations in a loving, non-threatening environment

I have written in a previous post about my girl's doing their own Quiet Time With God, which I feel is also important. It's just part of their bedtime routine and they are so good about doing it every night, much better than I am! My heart about melted the other night when I quietly went to check on the girls and "M" was singing a Psalm from the Bible. She was just reading a chapter from Psalms but put her own melody to it. I wish I could have gotten it on video but she's at the age now where she doesn't like me filming her or taking her picture. Anyway, I thought it was precious ;-)

I thought I'd share a few books that we have enjoyed doing together for our family devotional time. I'd love to hear what your family does, too!

* Bible Stories For Children - Retold by Geoffrey Horn and Arthur Cavanaugh

* Read Aloud Bible Stories - By Ella K. Lindvall

* Heaven for Kids - by Randy Alcorn

* Leading Little Ones to God - By Marian M. Schoolland

* Princess and the Kiss and Life Lessons from Princess and the Kiss - By Jennie Bishop

* Finding God's Promises - By Cherie Noel (This is a great study guide that comes in workbook form but it's hard to find a copy because it's out of print. "M" loves to do this one during her Quiet Time.)

* God and Me! Devotionals for Girls - By Diane Cory

* The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories - By Kelly Pulley


Anonymous said...

thanks girlie! i love this post and will be checking out some of these. we need some new materials 'round here. your blog looks so cute, too. i meant to tell you that a long time ago, but i forgot, or had to get off the computer or something. i admire you for homeschooling and COMMEND you. blessings!

Steph said...

loved reading the list of books. thanks so much, i am a big fan of kenneth taylor. we have several of his books,