Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Decorating

I finally had a chance to do a little Fall decorating today. I actually intended to start a few weeks ago but since Fall's not actually here until this Monday, I suppose I'm not too far behind schedule ;-) Here's a few of the things I decorated. Nothing too exciting - I'm trying to keep it a little more simple this year. In fact, I have about 2 huge tubfulls of Fall decorations that I'm ready to get rid of.

This fall display makes me laugh because it was totally free - with the exception of the tray which was almost free from a garage sale. Anytime I take my girls to look at artificial flowers at a store, they have a ball collecting the ones on the floor that have dropped off of bouquets. Of course, we always ask first, but the store usually allows them to keep their findings at no charge. So this is their little collection of free fall decor ;-)

Happy Fall y'all!


Angela said...

Great job! Your decorations are so nice! When are you going to come help me decorate my space? :o)

Steph said...

i love your decorations. i love the fall. your have a gift with decorating!!