Monday, September 15, 2008

Disney Tips

This was the girls first trip to Disney and I haven't been since '84 so we were all pretty excited about our vacation. While I didn't prepare near as much as I should have - in fact, I didn't even start packing until the night before we left - I did discover a few tips along the way. Thought I'd pass them along...

1. Apparently, every March, Disney announces a date later in the year that you can book your vacation and get a free Meal Plan. So this past March, they announced the dates would be in September then we had to book right away. It's not always the best time of the year due to kids being in school and hurricane season - but that can also work in your favor. The free meals included 1 snack, 1 lunch and 1 dinner per person. We figured we saved around $800 or so in meals. You still have to pay gratuity but we got really nice meals that would cost around $90-$120 for our family but only had to pay around a $15 tip. All of the meals were amazing and the characters were very entertaining.

2. Thank you to my friend, Shannon, for this tip...If you have kids who are terrified of automatic toilet flushers, have them take a sticky note in the stall with them and cover up the sensor. When they are done, remove the sticky note and the toilet flushes without them on it!

3. Buy Disney souvenirs before you leave and surprise your kids with them while on vacation. Prices are MUCH cheaper at Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree than at Disney.

4. If you purchase a bottle of water for breakfast, keep it and you can refill it and use it throughout the day. Much less than buying new water bottles all the time and it helps save the planet ;-)

5. If you go to a water park, bring swim shoes! The ground is often hot or rough to walk on.

6. If you plan on flying, have your kids write a letter to the pilot and mention how they would "just love to see the cockpit of their airplane". They're suckers for letters from kids & usually gladly let them see the front unless they are running behind schedule.

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That's all for a while - the "Slideshow Queen" needs a rest ;-)


6HappyHearts said...

Great Tips!

Michelle said...

Wow! I looked at all your pictures and it looks like you all had a blast. I want to take my kids there someday. I want to wait until Ty is older.