Sunday, September 14, 2008

Disney Vacation - Day 6

The morning of our 6th day of vacation was spent at Blizzard Beach - probably our most favorite park. We had so much fun racing each other on the slides and staying cool in the water and out of the Florida heat - which it really wasn't that bad at all - maybe 90 degrees at the most!

After that, we got cleaned up and went to a "fancy" dinner - the one the girls were looking forward to all week - dinner with Cinderella! We took a boat ride to the Grand Floridian which is a beautiful resort that looks like a huge plantation house. The food was so good and the girls enjoyed meeting Cinderella, the handsome prince, the evil step-mother and one of the evil step-sisters. Afterwards, we went to the lobby and enjoyed listening to a maestro playing Disney songs on the piano. The girls couldn't contain themselves and had to break out in dance! For just a moment, time seemed to stand still and I just sat there taking it all in. The beautiful surroundings, the music playing and the girls dancing - probably my favorite time all week.


kenziekylanmom said...

Don't you just LOVE the Grand's so beautiful! Glad you had such a wonderful time!!!

Robin said...

Love seeing the pics, we leave in 1month for our first Disney vacation!! We can't wait!