Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night out on the town at El Guapo's

Last night, Steve and I had a date night to celebrate our anniversary at El Guapo's in downtown Tulsa. My friend, Cari, told me about it months ago and we finally had a chance to try it out. The food was really good, but the atmosphere was great!

We sat on the rooftop and enjoyed the downtown scenery - it was so neat! If you haven't been to El Guapo's yet - you have to try it soon!


Bambi said...

I can't believe you didn't talk about your time spent at the "trendy" new patio in PoDunk, Ok. Come on, the guy with the cowboy hat that almost caught fire, the 65 year old band member with the cut off jeans, the crack-head waitress, the dumpster beside our table...those are good times! You should really share them with everyone.

In my defense I never used the word "trendy". I said they were trying to become more posh and less podunk. Yes, they have a ways to go.

Again I say, "you just have to embrace the redneckness"

Glad you came, it was great to see you guys again.

6HappyHearts said...

I'm sooo jealous ya'll went to the patio!!! It was perfect weather for it last night! See you tomorrow, get your homework done ; )

Dawn said...

I went once with Brett. The atmosphere was great but my fish tacos were horrible. I actually got them taken off our check they were that bad!

But, I'm for trying it again.. just not going to order the same thing! LOL

christy said...

Eeeek! Fish tacos? I'm not that brave. I played it safe with enchilladas. They also have good sangria swirls - not that I would know personally - I just heard they do ;-)

christy said...

Oh and Miss Bambi, I purposely didn't talk about the new patio in PoDunk. I was trying to forget the memory of you dancing on the tables. It was so embarassing!

Bambi (My Stage Name) said...