Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little House on the Prairie Festival

We went to the Little House on the Prairie Annual Festival this morning which is held about 13 miles southwest of Independence, Kansas. The girls are very into Little House on the Prarie and we attended the festival last year so they couldn't wait to go again this year. Of course, they had to wear their prairie dresses and bonnets - with a modern touch complete with earings, watches and non-prairie shirts. I'm not sure that Laura Ingalls would have approved of their attire, but they had a great time. They made a beaded bracelet, colored paper dolls that were based on the Little House on the Prairie characters, had their face painted, took a tractor ride, did sack races and ate yummy hot dogs. We also saw the local grocery store, the post office, the replica of their log cabin and they even got to participate in a Spelling Bee in "school". We ran into some friends, too, which was a nice surprise. We look forward to going again next year!

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bako1964 said...

OH, I am soooo jealous...we've wanted to go to that festival for years! Have you ever gone to Ft. Gibson's Living History Day? It is really fun also. We also like going to Prairie Song....really reminded us of Little and all. It is in Dewey, OK. Aren't girls fun??!!!