Monday, June 23, 2008

My little prairie girls...

It was an exciting day at our house today! The girls received a package they have been patiently, but anxiously, waiting on for a few weeks now. When I went to the Wichita Homeschool Convention a few weeks ago, I met the nicest lady, Deana Haines, who makes the most precious prarie outfits for little girls. Of course, since my girls LOVE Little House on the Prarie so much, I just had to order them some dresses. Deana made them a prarie dress with a matching bonnet and purse, as well as an apron and a kit to make handkerchief dolls. The girls were SOOOO excited! They quickly put on their outfits and got to work making their dolls. They turned out really cute and have been playing with them all afternoon!

If you are interested in Deana making your little girl a prairie outfit, you can contact her by phone at 816-942-8897 or by e-mail at She's currently working on a website that should be up and running soon. She also sells several other kits including a marble kit, quill pen kit, colonial girl's and boy's kit, settler boy's and girl's kit, civil war boy's and girl's kit, prince and king kit, and princess and queen kit. She also sells some great homeschool curriculum kits for $15-$25. If you contact her, tell her Christy sent ya!!!

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kenziekylanmom said...

Christy they are adorable! Glad they finally came in!