Sunday, May 25, 2008

Merry Maids to the rescue

After almost fainting, I had to grab my camera and get a picture of this! My girls were actually cleaning - and I didn't even ask them to! Actually, "M" is a pretty good cleaner but when it comes to "A" cleaning, she becomes a major drama queen. She drops to the floor and suddenly gets so tired. Hopefully she'll outgrow this stage fast ;-)

Well, I recently learned of a new website called Handipoints. Their website says, "In addition to powerful parenting tools for Task and Goal management, Handipoints features HandiLand, a fun virtual world where kids adopt their own cartoon cat and use their points to buy clothes and gear for their cat. Great for kids from four to fourteen, Handipoints helps teach kids to be Happy, Healthy and Smart." You can actually create a chore chart at this site & as the kids do chores at home, they can check them off on-line & earn points for their virtual cat. We also decided now is a good time to start the girls on allowance so we are tying that in with their chores. We just started this today so we'll see how long this keeps up but the girls were so excited to get started. I better enjoy this while I can!

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Leslie said...

LOVE IT! We just started using handipoints too and it does motivate far ;)