Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I have a friend who visits the graves of her passed relatives every year during Memorial Day weekend with her mother’s side of the family. She said before they went to the cemeteries this year, they all (including her two young daughters) made their own flower arrangements to put on the graves. I thought that was a great idea to get children involved and to make the observance more real and memorable for them.

Another person was telling me today that at Floral Haven in Tulsa, they are doing a “Changing of the Guards” every half hour to hour to reenact the Changing of the Guard at the Arlington Natl. Cemetery. He said it actually took an act of congress to be allowed to do this & it’s the only cemetery in the U.S. that is allowed to do it because of its sacredness. I’m thinking about taking the girls to see it tomorrow & see all the flags displayed. I’m sure it’s an amazing site! For more information of the special events going on at Floral Haven for Memorial Day, go to: and

Memorial Day lesson plans for homeschoolers:

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