Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Would you like to play a game of A-ne-jo-di?

The girls recently attended a homeschool activity at the Collinsville Library. Two Native Americans came from Talequah to show the kids how to make an Indian game called "Stickball". It was pretty interesting learning about Stickball and making the sticks. Here's some info we learned:

A-ne-jo-di, or Stickball, is a very rough game played by many Indian tribes.. KEYWORDS anejodi stickball Indian games lacrosse muscogee games creek games seminole games southeaster woodland tribes yuchi games natchez games cherokee games stomp grounds stomp dance intertribal games

A-ne-jo-di, or Stickball, is a very rough game played by not only the Cherokee, but many other Southeastern Woodland tribes including the Muscogee (Creek), Seminole, and others.

The game resembles the modern European game of LaCrosse, using ball sticks which are handmade from hickory. A small ball, made of deer hair and hide, is tossed into the air by the medicine man. The male players use a pair of the sticks, and female players use the bare hands. In earlier times, only the men with the greatest athletic ability played the game.

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