Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last day of preschool :-(

"A's" last day of preschool was last Wednesday. Before school started, one of the moms said how she was trying not to cry because it was the last day of school. I jokingly replied, "Well, you should homeschool then you don't have to worry about that!" Then, when I went to pick up "A" from school, another mom said, "This is kind of a sad day! No more preschool! My baby's not a baby anymore!" Then it hit me & I started crying! No other moms had tears in their eyes - just me. And we even homeschool - what's up with that?! I guess it just hit me that "A" was done with preschool. I suppose it's about time since she's been in preschool for 3 years now! ("A" has a late birthday so I thought I'd keep her in preschool another year and not start kindergarten full time just yet.) Apparently, we must move on! We've been so blessed to have such great teachers for both girls during their preschool years at Sonshine & Yellow Balloon. I would highly recommend both schools.

After school let out, "A's" friends from school went to the Sprinkler Park to celebrate (yes, it was our 4th time in a week to go!). They had a great time & we hope to stay in touch with her friends this summer & have lots of playdates!

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Mama Cakes said...

Sorry for making you cry!! Let's definitely get together this summer and have a playdate! Madelyn would love it. Good luck with your running, if you ever need a running buddy I would love to go. I have just recently started running as well and have had to take it slow because I have bad feet. See you around!