Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reunion With Friends From the Past

As I mentioned in the posting before this one, the girlz and I went to OKC for the day and I got to hook up with some old friends I hadn't seen in a long time...

Debbie, me, Tracie & Kristi
Love those girls! Tracie, Kristi and I grew up together from about kindergarten to 6th grade then they moved away and we lost touch. We've recently found each other again on facebook and it's been so fun catching up with them and seeing pics of their sweet families on-line. Kinda makes me feel like we've never lost touch! 

Here's some of my favorite pictures from when we were kids. Granted, they didn't have digital cameras back then, so the quality isn't that great ;-)

Here we are in kindergarten together...

Playing Little House on the Prairie (funny now that my girlz like to play Little House, too!)

Modeling the new dresses my mom sewed for us...

Here we are playing in our tree house with our siblings.  The three of us are on the bottom right sitting down.

Not sure who's birthday we are celebrating here. Love my Holly Hobby dress my mom made for me ;-)

And here we are playing with my Donnie and Marie Osmond dolls. Guess that kinda ages us, huh?!

Oh yes, the clown that gave me nightmares for days!

We were in Bluebirds together. Love my red pant suit ;-)

Debbie and I became good friends in junior high and we've always kept in touch, although not as often as we'd like. We also went to church camp together and even sang together at a few events - which is quite hilarious because I can NOT sing!

I think this was the last day of 9th grade. We got "dressed up" and rented a limo to celebrate. We were also way into Duran Duran and we thought our "fashions" that day reflected our love for how they dressed. Not sure how - but that's what we thought back in the day ;-)

Debbie was a bride's maid in my wedding. Poor girl had to wear that hideous floral dress. At least they didn't have to wear the wide-brimmed straw hats with a great big flower on the front that I originally bought to go with the dresses ;-)

Here we are at our 20th high school reunion...

It was such a fun evening to reunite, reminisce, and catch up on how everyone's doing today. Looking forward to our next visit together! 


FABJESS said...

So special to reunite with old friends! Love the sweet pics! I love that you wore a short dress for your wedding!

6 Happy Hearts said...

Great post! Love the fashion pics - awesome. Love your blog background/header - my fav colors!

Jennifer said...

It's so fun to see old friends and travel down memory lane together! Looks like you had a great day.