Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses

Today the girlz and I went to our favorite place for lunch, The Pink House in Claremore. I asked "A" why she liked it so much and she said, of course, "because it's pink!"

"M" had the grilled cheese sandwich...

"A" had a ham and cheese sandwich...

and I don't like having my picture taken...

I mean, I had the chicken tortilla casserole. DeLiCiOuS and absolutely no fat calories - yeah, right!

Unfortunately, we stuffed ourselves pretty good and didn't have room for our favorite dessert, baked fudge.

Then we did our next favorite thing after eating at the Pink House - antiquing!

Since it is a school day, I thought we better tie something "educational" into our outing and since we've been studying the Colonial time period, we were on a search for colonial pieces. We actually found lots of colonial style hats, shoes, and kitchenware - not to mention these Avon perfume holders.

Hey, this bicycle can be yours for the mere price of $700! What a bargain!

And our last stop was the doll shop...

Today is one example of why I love homeschooling so much - getting to experience life with my girls because life passes you by so fast. Blink and you'll miss it, so take time to slow down and smell the roses!

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