Sunday, September 26, 2010

Secret Keeper Girl Tour 2010

A few months ago I heard an advertisement on the radio for a "Secret Keeper Girl" tour. I checked into it a little more and thought it sounded like fun so I posted it on facebook. By the end of the day, I had about five friends tell me they wanted to go, too!

So the event was last night and we all went together with our daughters. The theme was "pajama party" but I think we were the only ones dressed in pj's! Oh well - it made it more fun for the girls! We started out the night eating dinner at Cracker Barrel, in our pj's, mind you - got a few interesting looks from the customers. Then we carpooled to the show.

The premise behind Secret Keeper Girl is to teach girls about inner beauty that comes from God and how to dress modestly. It was a high energy night with games, songs, a fashion show and biblical teaching on godly beauty - the girls had a blast! I'm so glad we went because it backs up what I'm trying to impress upon my girlz at home. The world places so much focus on outward beauty - my focus is just the opposite. I'm always telling my girlz that it's so much more important to be beautiful on the inside. I think to be caring, loving, serving, sweet, thoughtful and kind on the inside automatically makes you beautiful on the outside.

I just joined the Secret Keeper Girl facebook page and read that about 40 girls accepted Christ last night, too! Such a great experience - we look forward to going again next year with even more friends!!!

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