Tuesday, September 28, 2010

St. Therese Parish - Collinsville, OK

The girlz and I love to find new places to do school and we love to do school outside when it's nice, so yesterday we took a blanket and our books to the Saint Therese Parish in Collinsville. Our homeschool co-op is having our school pictures taken there next week so I kinda wanted to check it out before we went, too. It was really pretty and serene there with a pond, lots of trees, several benches, beautiful flowers, etc.

The architecture of the parish itself was almost like a pueblo building you might find in New Mexico - which was kind of neat because we're studying New Mexico as we learn about the American Girl, Josefina, in the curriculum we are currently studying.

Here's a few pics of Saint Therese...


Leslie said...

So fun that you guys did school there. Looking forward to seeing you again.

kenziekylanmom said...

Kylan and I went here earlier this year and found a geocache at the Parish. I blogged about it at that time, thinking it would be a great place for wedding, Sr. or school pics...I got my wish!!! Glad you enjoyed it! It's so gorgeous in the sprint too.