Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To Crochet

"M" learned how to crochet last year at Girl's Club and has taken a few classes at the Classroom Corner. As mentioned in a previous post, she has developed a love for it and has really gotten pretty good at creating things. Here is a scarf she made for "A" just last night. She was so excited to make it for her she stayed up until almost midnight secretly working on it for her. Of course, "A" was so excited her sissy would make her something and had to show it off to her friends today.

Here is a video "M" made giving instructions for doing a triple crochet stitch...

"M" also taught "A" how to crochet, as well. And keeping up with big sis, she wanted to make a video giving instructions for making a single crochet stitch...

I'm very proud of their hard work and for making things for others and finding joy in it. I'm sure they'll keep it up for a long time!

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mommyof3andlovin'it said...

Selah wants in on this club ;-)
My Grandma and Aunt make all those crocheted coozies that I ALWAYS have on my cups. Selah and I were talking about it just last night, and I asked her if she wanted to learn to crochet so she could make coozies, scarves, hats, etc. She gave me a very excited "yes!" So I told her we would see if my Aunt or Grandma could teach her. Anyway... we'll have to get the scoop on getting started.