Monday, October 5, 2009

3rd Annual Vacation to Arizona

For the last three years Steve & I have gone to Arizona to celebrate our anniversary. We were actually married on June 27th but this year we decided to wait until it "cooled off" to go. So we thought if we went in the latter part of September, it wouldn't be so hot. Much to our surprise, it still got up to 106 degrees! Of course, they have the "dry" heat minus the humidity so it didn't feel as hot as it would in Oklahoma at 106 degrees! Anyway, we had a great, relaxing time & love to get away together alone for a few days. Here's some pics of our trip...

Gotta have a cheezy plane pic...

When we were on the plane, Steve surprised me and told me we weren't going straight to Scottsdale like we originally planned. Instead, we were going to Sedona. Here are pics taken on our way to Sedona. Such BEAUTIFUL scenery - well, except for that deer head on the back of the trailer!!!

Steve made reservations for us at a WoNdErFuL Bed & Breakfast, called the "Sunset Chateau". The owners put so much thought into every detail from the entry to the dining hall to the suites to the pools to the landscaping and murals.

The owners are a husband and wife team who built the Chateau basically from the ground up about six years ago. Steve and I had a great time getting to know the husband, Phillip, after breakfast after our night's stay. We learned that he and his wife are Christians and actually use their business as a way to minister to those in need. After speaking with him for a while, we could see clearly how God is using him and his wife in a big way! He spoke openly about conversations he has with God and how he follows the leadings of the Holy Spirit. He also spoke of how they pray with many of the people who stay there and he told of the miracles they have seen. I was also impressed with how they reach out to people and have taken in drug addicts and unwed young pregnant ladies into their personal home. They counsel them and help them make life changes that lead to a more purposeful and fulfilling life. He told such amazing stories - I could have listened to them all day! It was so encouraging to hear him speak of such things because Sedona is such a gorgeous place - you just stand in awe of God's creation; however, New Age & mysticism has reared it's ugly head and is trying to trying to take over this beautiful country. It was quite refreshing to hear that Christian work is still being done!

After breakfast, we drove to Scottsdale and spent the
rest of our time there. We stayed at the same place we
typically stay, 3 Palms Resort. Here are pics of our hotel...

And here's the pool area...

There is an AwEsOmE park right outside our hotel room that has a running/biking trail around it that goes on and on for miles and miles. Steve & I did get some exercise in while we were there - of course, that's kind of "fun" for us ;-)

One night we went to the Scottsdale Riverwalk. We ate dinner at the Grand Lux then walked around the riverwalk.

One of my best friends from high school lives in Scottsdale so we always make it a point to get together when we're in Arizona. She recently had her first baby over the summer so I got to see and meet him for the first time. He's sooo super cute & cuddly ;-)

We also had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory - yum!!!

The last night of our vacation, we ate at a new restaurant that was just built right next door to our hotel. It's called Avalon and it's decor is very modern and trendy - a little "fancy" for us. We're pretty casual folks but we still enjoyed it since we were, after all, celebrating our anniversary and on vacation! The food was delicious - Steve had stuffed chicken & I had eggplant lasagne. So good!

While it's always good to get away with just the two of us, we always love to get home and see the girlz and sleep in our own bed! Until next year...

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