Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peter Pan at the Spotlight Theatre

My mother used to take my brother, sister & I to see plays at the Children's Theatre growing up in OKC and now I love to take my girls to see plays - it's one of our favorite things we do together. So...the girls and I saw Peter Pan at the Spotlight Theatre yesterday. It was a great performance - the cast did a fantastic job and the sets were amazing. You could really tell everyone had spent a lot of time in preparation for this wonderful presentation. Here's a few pics from our fun day...

This is a pic of the girls standing in front of our house before the play. Okay - so maybe it's not our house. Maybe it's the house/mansion we parked in front of. I just thought it was pretty ;-)

We were early so I took a few pics of the girls in front of the Spotlight before the play started...

It pays to get there early! Front row seats - woo hoo!

After the play was over, all of the cast members went out in the lobby area to shake hands with everyone as they left and to thank everyone for coming. My girls also had a lot of fun meeting all of the cast and getting their autographs...

This is a pic of the girls with their friend, Molly, who was one of the "Lost Boys". She did a great job!

Molly's sister, Megan, played "Wendy" and her dad, Tom, played "Smee", Captain Hook's sidekick. Her brother, Brandon (not pictured here), was one of the pirates - it was a family affair!

And here's the girls with Peter Pan. She did an awesome job and so did Captain Hook - and, they are even married in real life! Who knew they really could get along?!

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