Sunday, April 12, 2009

My OOPS Cake ;-)

This morning started off with "M" making us all a yummy breakfast of waffles and M & M's. She even decorated placemats for the four of us. It was a very nice surprise ;-)
We always go to Steve's aunt's house for Easter and this year I was asked to bring a dessert. After days of thinking about what to bring, I finally decided to make a banana cake off of a suggestion a friend gave to me. It sounded really good and I just happened to have all the ingredients for it. So, after breakfast this morning, I made the cake mix and poured it into a bundt pan so it would look "pretty". Let's just say it turned into a big OOPS cake! It was a great recipe & it did taste very yummy; however, I don't believe a bundt pan is the most desirable pan to bake it in. (And yes, I followed the directions AND I greased and floured my pan - I know you were wondering about that!) Here's how it turned out...

Needless to say, we had to stop by Reasor's after church and pick up a cake from their bakery so I could take something to the Easter lunch. I can laugh about it now ;-)
And here are the girls in their Easter dresses - flip flops and all!

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Leslie said...

I have made many recipes that turned out like that. The girls look cute!