Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day...

Most couples enjoy eating out (without children) for Valentine's Day, but we decided to celebrate as a family. (Steve and I actually went out the weekend before.) The girls first opened their Valentine boxes that my friend, Brandi, made for them. They were filled with beads and necklace threads to make jewelry - also buttons, pipe cleaners, a dry erase marker, chalk & erasers. They LOVED them! I think they will be lifesavers when we go on trips in the car and for times when they just need something to do.

Then, we made a heart-shaped pizza (made from a Chef Boyardee box - close enough to homemade!) and then "A" led us in a game of "pin the little heart on the big heart". As you can tell, they were tired by the end of the night. I love this picture of them sleeping. Occasionally, "A" likes to sneak in bed with her sister - if only they could stay this sweet forever!

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