Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's finally warm enough to play outside!

Just a few days ago we were playing in the snow & today we were playing in the sun! It was so nice today - close to 70 degrees! It hasn't been that warm in a long time! The girls rode their bikes & skooters & helped me clean out our flower beds. Now the beds are ready for spring - and we are, too!

I know! I know! It's February & I still have a Christmas flag on display. That's because I'm on the hunt for a new flag & can't find one I like. Please tell me if you see any cute flags - I can't find them anywhere!!!


Margo said...

Praise Jesus for warm weather!!

kellyl said...

Could your girls teach my kids how to work? My kids dug up the flower beds yesterday searching for dinosaur bones.

Anonymous said...

yay christy! i'm like, christy, who's christy commenting on my blog and's YOU! so, i'll be reading. you are one creative know that already. i'm inspired. blessings!