Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Little High School Musical Fans...

I'm probably the lamest, uncool mom ever but I just let my girls watch High School Musical for the first time a few nights ago. I suppose I'm just very conservative and protective of what my girls see. We don't even watch shows like Raven & Hannah Montana (although I just read an interesting article about her in Christianity Today Magazine). My main issue with those type of shows is that they deal with "teen" content & I don't think that's always appropriate for young, impressionable minds. I want to keep my girl's innocent as long as possible and I feel when they are exposed, even just a small amount, to teen issues it scrapes away at their purity. They pick up on sarchasm, disrespect for others, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and fowl language.

As for whether I thought High School Musical was appropriate or not, I guess it wasn't that bad. Of course, I thought it was pretty cheezy when they would just break out in a song - but if I had seen it at their age, I'm sure I would have loved it. And it's much better language & non-sexual content than a movie like Grease was - which I LOVED & memorized every word to when I was little. What's funny is that I think I probably had no clue what any of those words meant until I was much older ;-)

I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic ;-)


Margo said...

I have to confess, my boys LOVE High School Musical 1 & 2. I like the first one better; in the second one, the lead characters actually kiss. Anyway, they love to dance around and sing and really like the basketball songs! I think these 2 movies are a whole lot better than a whole lot of cartoons that I don't let my boys watch! We don't even have very many channels, but Saturday morning cartoons have to be approved by us for sure!

kenziekylanmom said...

I just let Makenzie watch High School Musical 1 and 2. She liked them also and I thought they were on the cheesey side! She doesn't watch Hannah Montana or Raven either...I thought I was the only one out that there that was so strict. It's good to know that other partents take it seriously too!

mommyof3andlovin'it said...

My kids love it. We own the 2nd one. Bryson likes it just as much as my girls do. I think what my kids like the most is the dancing and singing. Even my 2 year old mimics the dance moves in the living room as she's watching and singing along with it on TV. I must admit my Dad was over the other night and saw it on. He made a comment about it perhaps being a little too old for Selah. I see his point. They are teenagers doing and talking teen stuff... and I know Selah will pick up on it. I just try to make sure I'm one step ahead of it. Selah likes to pretend she is Sharpay (because she looks like her). She watches Sharpay very close. She mimics her during the movie, even down to the body language. I have told her she can sing and dance and pretend, but that in real life she CANNOT act like a spoiled BRAT like Sharpay acts. She gets my point. After all, she understands it is a movie. Again, my kids are into it for the singing and dancing. If it were to become a problem, it'll disappear -ha!!!

6HappyHearts said...

We have both 1 & 2 on DVR & I think we (the kids & i) have pretty much nailed the major dance routines ; )
Is it bad that I was excited when the Disney Channel aired the movies back to back??!!
Some of the content worries me, I don't want my kids to learn to be boy or girl crazy at a young age which I learned is happening in Kindergarten...ugh?!I'm w/you, these movies are innocent compared to Grease which dealt w/sex & pregnancy.

SuperMom said...

Christy -
First of all, I think we know each other through a mutual acquaintance :-) I saw you had posted some messages on a homeschool message board (of which I am a part) and it led me here. Small world!

Second of all, look out for High School Musical 2! I, too, have felt protective of all the Disney shows. I actually liked the first HSM movie and my kids and I anxiously awaited the second. However, I was very disappointed. I felt it was sooooo heavy on the romance between Troy and Gabriella and they seemed to spend the entire movie trying to kiss...which they finally succeeded in the end. I was very disappointed. At one point Gabriella accepts a necklace from Troy with a "T" on it, and I wanted to puke.

Just my thoughts :-)