Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Goin' To See U2! :-D

I love to listen to music of all genres (with the exception of Country or Opera). But my all-time favorite band since about 1984 is U2. I love love love them and never get tired of listening to their music. I love the guitar, love Bono's voice, love their lyrics. Love.

As big as a fan I am of theirs, I have never seen U2 in concert. They came to Oklahoma a few years ago and I wasn't able to go. I remember sitting at home sulking like a big baby. It was quite a pitiful site. I could not believe U2 was in my state and I was not at their concert.

My sweet husband gave me a card for Easter this year, which is a little unusual because we don't usually exchange cards at Easter. It read, "Dear Christy, I hope you have a Beautiful Day today. I am so thankful that Yahweh has made us One, In the Name of Love. So, Get on Your Boots and Breathe and know that I Desire You." I thought he was just trying to be clever using U2 titles in my message but I thought it was a little odd that he would do that in my Easter card of all things. Then I opened a printout of tickets to an upcoming U2 concert! I could not believe my eyes! He was going to tell me on Mother's Day but our calendar has been filling up quickly so he thought he better tell me sooner, rather than later, so we could save the date.

So we will be celebrating our 19th Anniversary this year at U2's 360 Tour concert. I am so super excited and am counting down the days! In honor of the concert and because I'm just a big U2 dork, I've made a U2 playlist (also on the right-hand column of my blog) and here's a few of my favorite U2 videos. Enjoy ;-)

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