Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kids Helping Kids

Our church is very active with mission work here in our city, but beyond our state, as well. About twice a year, they take a team to Juarez, Mexico to do medical and construction missions. According to DBF's website, "In 1997, Discovery partnered with a non-denominational missions organization, Missions Ministries. Since then Discovery teams have built 17 homes and helped build 2 clinics and a team center. Each trip includes pulling a trailer full of much-needed food and supplies for the local evangelical pastors to distribute. Our pastors also encourage and equip the pastors of the small churches."

Another medical and construction team is getting ready to head out to Juarez in about a week. The areas that the teams visit are very poor and are in need of good medical care, decent homes to live in and clean water to drink. Monica Wakley, one of our Sunday School teachers, has gone to Juarez for three years and shared with the kids at church this morning her past experiences in her travels there. She couldn't help but get emotional in telling the children of the huge needs families have there. She said that most of the families live in very tiny, plastic or wooden crate make-shift homes with dirt floors. (You can see photos of typical homes here.) They are very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. She said that some people have even died in their homes because they didn't provide enough warmth during the cold seasons.

After Monica shared about her experiences, we prayed for the Juarez Mission Team, which also includes several children who are going with their parents. Then, the kids decorated sacks and filled them with goodies for the kids in Mexico. They really got into making the sacks and were so excited they were going to take part in helping someone in need.

We are all reminded to pray for their safety and well-being on this trip and that God will use them in big ways while they are there.

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