Friday, August 27, 2010

Co-Op Back-to-School Bash

Our family is part of Heritage Homeschool Co-Op of Owasso. Of course, I'm kinda partial, but I think we have the best families around that support each other in our homeschooling endeavor. Homeschooling's not always easy and it's so important to have encouragement from other families going through the same challenges. We have seen tremendous growth in our Co-Op recently with having only about 15 families at the start of last year to over 50 this year!

We always like to do a Back-to-School bash at the start of a new school year so this year we planned to have it at a new party place in town called Soiree. (Soiree offers AmAzInG parties for kids, teens AND adults! Be sure to check out their fun website. And NO dancing when you hear the music begin on their website! I dare you! NO dancing!) Anyway, since we have so many in our Co-Op this year, we had to schedule 2 Back-to-School Bashes so everyone could be included - a good problem to have in my opinion ;-)

So...we ate pizza and YUMMY desserts, played on the Jupiter Jump, dressed up in fancy clothes, hoola hooped, sang karaoke and had a great time getting to know all of our new families!

Here's pics from the first Back-to-School Bash...

And here's pics from the second Back-to-School Bash...

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