Sunday, February 5, 2012

One-Year Mother Daughter Devo Videos

The girls and I have been enjoying reading the One Year Mother Daughter Devo this school year. It has great devotions that are funny, encouraging, interesting, and spiritually thought-provoking. Occasionally, it tells stories of real life phenomenas and encourages the reader to look up clips on the internet that goes along with the stories. We've gotten behind on looking these up so I thought I'd post a few here for my girls to watch and enjoy...



"After you watch a clip of this amiable beast, talk about some things that appear to be good on the outside but aren't good on the inside. Discuss why we shouldn't indulge in certain TV shows, movies, books, music, or friendships. Ask God for discernment to make godly choices every day."


"Some prejudices are really obvious, like disliking people with a different skin color. But some prejudices aren't so easy to see. God created everyone. He doesn't play favorites and He's more concerned with our hearts than with our outside. Take time to thank God for his love for you and everyone."


"Consider watching 'Faith Like Potatoes'. It's an amazing true story about faith. It involves a lot of patience - and potatoes!"


"Watch how fast a cheetah runs. Notice how its body moves, especially the tail. God truly designed the cheetah to run. He designed us to run, too. (1 Corinthians 9:24) Are you ready to run this race of bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ?"


"You won't believe your eyes when you watch what a bolas spider can do. Thank God for his creativity!"


"Every time I watch the video of Jason making those shots, I get tears in my eyes. When I see the crowd fly off the bleachers, going crazy for Jason, I know that God was jumping up off his throne, dancing in circles for him, too. God takes such pleasure in us. He loves it every time you achieve something because He made you and He loves his creation."


"I wonder what's in the throat or voice box of the lyrebird to give it the ability to make those sounds. The apostle Paul knew it was important to try to reach every kind of person with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He did what he could to find a common ground with everyone he came across in order to bring each one to salvation."

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mommaren said...

We are doing this too, though have skipped nights here and there. I think it will take us two years to get through! I appreciate Dannah Gresh for everything she stands for!