Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Abby's First Big Break

Our 9-year old daughter, Abby, accidentally fell off our slide a few days ago and broke her right arm up high at the shoulder point. Surprisingly, her doctor said they can't cast up that high so he casted her arm a few inches below the break. He said the weight of the cast would pull her arm down and hold her shoulder bone in place, allowing it to heal.

Every day, her pain seems to lessen a bit but this experience has reminded us how much we take our limbs for granted. Doing school work, taking a shower, getting dressed, brushing teeth - all has been a bit of a challenge but Abby has been a trooper and has done it all without complaining. Our other daughter, Mackenzie, has been a huge help, as well. She's been waking up extra early so she can get dressed then help Abby get ready for the day. She also helps make Abby's breakfast and lunch, clean her room, and do anything else that she might need help with. She's a good little momma ;-)

Four weeks of this but we are thankful it wasn't worse. The countdown is on!

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