Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Field Trip to Tulsa City Hall

Photo by Abby, age 9
Our homeschool co-op had a great field trip meeting Tulsa's Mayor, Dewey Bartlett, yesterday at the Tulsa City Hall. He has such a busy schedule but was gracious and made time to talk with our kids...

At one point Mayor Bartlett said, "If any of you have any problems with Tulsa, call me and we'll talk about them." Then one of the little boys in our group said, "But I don't know your phone number!" So Mayor Bartlett gave him and the rest of the kids his business card and said to call him anytime ;-)

Mayor Bartlett also encouraged the kids to dream big and asked them to write him a letter with their dream for Tulsa. My girls did theirs today as part of their school work.

Dear Mayor Bartlett,

Thanks you so much for letting my Co-Op group come to visit you! We all really enjoyed it. I appreciate that you are concerned about my dream so here it is! Some of my friends and I work together and make crafts and sell them for the good of orphans in Uganda (Africa). Perhaps you have heard of Project Hope Worldwide? This non-profit organization built an orphanage here because the plight of orphans in the area are grim. My dream is that this ministry, which is called Girly Me Missions, would be very successful and raise a lot of awareness. If you could possibly do anything it would be GREATLY appreciated!

Age 12

Dear Mr. Mayor,

I came to your building with Heritage Homeschool Co-Op yesterday. This is my dream for Tulsa: I think there should be more homeless shelters for the homeless people and they will give food away and blankets and stuff.


From, Abby
Age 9

And here's a few pics we took after our field trip driving around downtown. We love to look at the interesting architecture of the buildings and people watch ;-)

Photo by Abby, age 9

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Kati said...

Yup! I love this one, especially the letters. Lovely, Christy.