Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Pics

Our homeschool co-op recently had a Christmas Party for the parents, which was great fun because we rarely get together as couples. And what made it even more fun was that we all had to wear ugly Christmas sweaters to attend.

I couldn't find sweaters quite ugly enough for Steve and I to wear so the girls helped me make ours.

Here's some videos that gave us inspiration for crafting our outfits...

With supplies from Dollar Tree and shirts from Goodwill, we went straight to work! (And I'm proud to say that we spent no more than about $7 p/shirt!)

Steve's jacket before...

And after...

Isn't it a beaut?!?! We actually liked the jacket so we just pinned on all the decorations so he could wear it again later.

My "beautiful" vest, on the other hand, needed a few more touches. Just a little too plain...

With glue gun in hand, embellishments were added. And here's the final product...

I think the large sparkly butterfly is such a nice touch and makes it over-the-top beautiful - I mean ugly ;-)

Here we are sporting our new finds. You know you want one ;-)

Our girls went to Steve's sister's house during the party. It was the night of the OU/OSU bedlam game so everyone dressed in support of their favorite team. Go pokes!

Here are the terrific hosts of the party, Nicole and Rick. Don't you just love his added chest hair. It made us want to gag, yet we couldn't look away! ;-)

Here's pics of our fun night. As usual, the ladies were busy gabbing while the guys watched the game.

(Special thanks to Cheri for the pics!)

It was a super fun party and we hope to make this a new annual tradition ;-)

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