Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Fun at the Blue Hole

The Blue Hole
Salina, OK

* Click here to go to their website and here to go to their facebook page.

We recently went to the Blue Hole in Salina, OK with some friends. Their website says, "The main swimming hole is fed by 3 different springs. The water temperature stays between 50 and 60 degrees and is around 15 feet deep." We had such a great time swimming, taking a walk to the rope swing, and just cooling off in the 100 degree (+) weather. Their website says it's 15 feet, but that is at it's deepest point, which you have to swim out to. They also have lots of shallow areas for little ones. Swim shoes are a must as there are rocks everywhere. Your family has to go soon if you've never been! It's a blast!

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Kati said...

look at your cutsie new blog look! I love it. great catching up on all you guys are doing! What a blessing your little family is to so many ; )