Monday, June 27, 2011

Put Your Love Glasses On

This is for my girls as they are huge Beckah Shae fans and they love her newest song, "Put Your Love Glasses On". Very convicting...

Air1 radio's website states of her testimony and upbringing, "Growing up in a broken home, Beckah Shae's childhood was what most would consider 'less than stable'. She lived with various family members in cars, hotels, battered women shelters and foster homes. But, as a result, developed a stronger dependence on God through her experiences. 'I know that He’s allowed me to endure all the things I’ve gone through in life to draw me close to Him and find faith, humble me while gaining a bold confidence in His power and develop a true compassion and genuine love for His people,' she states."

And here's a few more of Becka's videos for my girls ;-)

Girlfriend can sing!

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