Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring/Easter 2011

Getting some country culture at our friend Melanie's house...

School and "recess" at Woodward Park...

The girls made our mail carrier cookies and a card for Easter. She was so excited to receive them and told the girls, "Oh my goodness! You made my day!" The next day the girls received a thank you card from her and she told them that the day they gave her the goodies was actually her birthday. What a nice surprise - for her and my girls ;-)

I made the girls African-themed Easter "baskets" this year. Just seemed appropriate ;-)

Easter morning...

The girls woke up at 5 in the morning to
decorate our house with balloons and streamers ;-)

Mackenzie sang in the Choir at our church Easter morning. Of course, it was much better in person than on my video recording ;-/

Easter at Steve's parent's house...

Lots of crazy hail storms and rain this Spring. We are so ready for some sunshine!

It's been a fun spring but we are definitely counting down the days to summer! Won't be long! :-D

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